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A recording by it’s very nature must be generic so that thousands and thousands of people can listen to and benefit from it.

There is nothing generic about a private hypnotherapy session; it is 100% unique. It is just for you. 

Every one of our hypnotherapists graduated from our world class Grace Space Hypnotherapy School and will be able to guide you into the depths of your unique subconscious mind with great skill. 

You will experience transformation and shifts like never before in record time.


Given the findings of the above study, we strongly recommend 12 sessions.



We have found that 12 sessions is the optimal amount for you to walk away from our work together with not only an outward issue healed (or two or three), but as a person whose internal programming has been thoroughly rewired, optimized and upgraded.

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To see what we mean, we recommend perusing the testimonials found on our Praise page.


We realize you might want to “test out” a few sessions before you commit to the full 12 and so we have package options for you with 3 and 6 sessions, however, your greatest savings (and your greatest transformation) will come from our most economically priced package of 12 sessions.

We want you to be able to change your life and we’ve priced our top notch services accordingly.


You can do so by joining our “Inner Circle Elite”.



Grace S.


  • Peak Performance
  • Professional Advancement
  • Life Purpose/Spiritual Development
  • “Meet Grace” to Read More



Ginni G.


  • Insomnia
  • PTSD
  • Leadership Development
  • “Meet Ginni” to Read More


Shama Dhanani

Shama D.


  • Communicate Courageously
  • Self-Trust & Confidence
  • Develop Intuition & Spirituality
  • “Meet Shama” to Read More



Jen O.


  • Anxiety Relief
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • “Meet Jen” to Read More





  • Weight Release
  • Habits
  • Anxiety Relief
  • “Meet KAILAH” to Read More


Grace Space Private One-on-One Hypnotherapy Sessions are valued at $200 per Session.
We will assign you a hypnotherapist based on your questionnaire.

Alternatively, you can enroll with a hypnotherapist of your choice, from their bio page above:


per session



per session



per session


Once your payment is complete we will send you a comprehensive survey and, based on your results, will pair you with the perfect hypnotherapist for your unique needs. 


Danny J

Grace’s hypnosis has helped me for the past 4 years, from completely eliminating anxiety around food, detaching from negative relationships, and even increasing my financial abundance.

To find dozens of additional testimonials sorted by hypnotherapy topic, visit our Praise page. No matter what you’d like to work on, it’s highly likely we’ve already helped someone else with a similar issue and you can find inspiration in their story here.”


Your unlocked recordings, series, and challenges are hosted on the Grace Space Inner Circle platform. Once unlocked, you will always have access to them on the platform for as long as you are a member of the Inner Circle. If you would like to download a single recording you may purchase it to own it forever. Please note that series and challenges are always hosted on the platform and are not downloadable.

To sleep or not to sleep

While hypnosis is not sleep (it is meditation with a goal) it is possible to fall asleep while listening to hypnosis if you are tired. This is because hypnosis helps you to relax and many of us experience stress on such a regular basis that the deep relaxation of hypnosis can lend itself to a much needed nap. Luckily, hypnosis will reach your subconscious mind even if you do happen to fall asleep. If you would like to remain awake while listening to hypnosis, we recommend listening while seated upright, not lying down. Some of our customers even prefer to exercise before listening to their hypnosis recordings, so they will be sure to have energy even as they relax. Others prefer to listen to hypnosis right before bed with the intention of falling asleep during or immediately after (this is great for those who want to overcome insomnia). When, where and how you listen is up to you – the choice is yours!

While it is possible to download purchased individual hypnosis recordings to your mobile device, this is not achieved via the app.

I always recommend listening to one recording at a time until you experience the results you desire. My favorite time frame for conditioning is a minimum of 21 days in a row with the same recording. If after 21 days you are still not seeing 100% of the results you are looking for within that topic, continue with your conditioning until you do.

When we listen to too many different topics simultaneously it tends to dilute the results across the board so I would never recommend listening to, for example, a weight loss recording with a public speaking recording. However, a weight loss recording and a self-love recording would be a pairing that could work simultaneously. I still recommend listening separately for 21 days but I know many people want to dive in sooner than that, so if you do, just make sure the recordings are very much related.

Maximize the benefits

It is highly recommended to complete one series or challenge at a time. This will maximize your benefits, as focusing on too many different topics at once can dilute results across the board. Hypnosis itself is a deeply relaxed, highly focused state. The more focused you are on the specific results you desire, the faster you will experience them. We recommend choosing one topic and focusing on it until you are experiencing the results you desire for at least 21 consecutive days. At that point you can move on to the next topic knowing that your previous work is already solidified inside your subconscious mind.

Here’s how you get them and how to use them!

Each month you stay as an Inner Circle Member you get 50 credits.

Each month you stay as an Inner Circle Elite Member you get 150 credits.

You can use credits to unlock singles, series, and challenges.

Why do we do that? So that you can focus on 1 transformation at a time! Each series and challenge builds upon the prior day and it’s very important to finish the course you’ve started! Mixing multiple topics could hinder your progress and the credit system was a perfect way for you to control which advanced course you want to focus on!

If you REALLY need to access other content, you can always purchase additional credits.

We will walk you through the steps to cancel your subscription to Grace Space Inner Circle 

1- Click on the “My Account” tab
2- Click on the “Cancel” button
3- You will be taken to a quick video from Grace and then a confirmation page. Make sure to click through to confirm your cancellation.

Purchase Delivery

Recordings are delivered via email to your registered email address.

To log in to the app, tap on the hamburger menu on the right side and then tap on “Log In”. If you haven’t done so already, create an account by pressing the “Create a Grace Space App Account Now!” button. Here you can enter your email address and a password of your choice. Alternatively, you can register using your Facebook or Twitter account. This login will be separate to your Inner Circle or Inner Circle Elite login.

The app will remember your login details so that you don’t need to type them in each time.

12 sessions are truly the “tipping point” for lasting transformation.

The following statistic will help to explain this finding:

A Survey of Psychotherapy Literature by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD., which was later reprinted in American Health Magazine, revealed the following recovery rates:

                                    Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

                                    Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

                                  Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

While the average presented in this study was 6 sessions for 93% recovery, we have found that most of our clients completely work through an entire issue in less time, approximately 3-4 sessions, which means that with a package of 12 sessions you are able to address approximately 3-4 areas of concern.

We have found that with 12 sessions we are able to access and resolve the root of an issue, which transforms the client in every facet of their lives. 

Of course, some topics require more sessions than others, weight loss being one of them. If a client needs to lose 100lbs, that cannot be safely done in only 3-4 sessions and therefore an entire 12 session package (and perhaps an additional package or two) may be used for the various factors affecting the client and their need to lose weight.

If you purchased a recording from us let us begin by saying, thank you! We know you are going to love it.

If you haven’t received your recording yet, one of two things is likely taking place.

1) Spam folder: If you have not whitelisted our email address yet, our recording may have landed in your spam folder. Please check your spam folder and then be sure to follow these instructions so you’ll never miss an email delivery from us again:

Click here for whitelisting instructions.

2) Typo: Sometimes when entering the email address you would like for us to deliver your product to, there is a typo. No worries – it happens to the best of us! If you think this may be the case, please contact us at info@gshypnosis.kayedev.com  and one of our customer success agents will be happy to help. We’ll search for the correct spelling of the email and the incorrect version should pop up. We will simply correct the email address in the system and resend your purchase.

If you have additional questions please email info@gshypnosis.kayedev.com and we will be happy to help.

All of the backgrounds and recordings are streamed to your device so your device will require either an internet connection (mobile data or Wi-fi).

If you need to recover your password, tap on the “Forgot Password” button and enter your registered email address on the next screen. Press the “Reset Password” button to receive a secret code via email to reset your password.

Session Structure

All of our private sessions take place over the phone on our private conference call line. Each session is approximately 45-minutes in length. The number and access code will be provided to you once your first session has been scheduled.

We choose to conduct all of sessions over the phone because it extends the length of time that you can enjoy the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis. Rather than the stressful experiences of traffic, finding parking, and rushing to make your session on time, we find that our phone clients show up very relaxed to their session and often times even take a bubble bath, read a great book, or go to sleep immediately following their sessions – how relaxing! This elongated period of deep relaxation lends itself to greater efficacy during the hypnosis session and, therefore, even better results.

Our sessions do not take place over Skype or other video conferencing programs because we have found that video conferencing tends to have more connection issues than a phone.

We recommend wearing headphones like this (please make sure to purchase headphones that are compatible with your phone) which include a microphone on the wire so that your hypnotherapist can hear you clearly even once you’re deeply relaxed (when we become deeply relaxed, we also often times become very quiet).

Recordings of the session are not included or provided. Custom recordings that are written and recorded for you outside of the session can be purchased for an additional $100 per custom recording.

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